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Canto Arquipélago

by Dolphins Into The Future



I recorded "Canto Arquipélago" under a volcano on a portable fourtrack during a few days in november 2011. In our temporary island home between the mango trees, the bush and the cliffs - where we lived for half a year.

Storms, humidity, ocean, warmth, sunrays, lava, bush, green, ourselves, fishermen, villages, village cafés, cetaceans, livestock, et al ... translated to magnetic tape (among other things). On an album that turned out to be one of my most "realistic" works to date.

Receiving the then classic press reactions ranging from 10/10 to 1/10. However i deem this album and the "Ke Ala Ke Kua" LP as being the two essentials of the Dolphins Into The Future music.

"Lieven Martins parts the veils of consciousness and invites us into his divine world with 'Canto Arquipelago' for Underwater Peoples Records. Borrowing and sifting through elements of musique concrete, new age ambient and library music, he sketches almost-tangible scenes of incredibly lush, hypnotic beauty, sweeping us from field recordings to cannily surreal synthesis thru pockets of exquisite exotica and ancient-sounding percussive rituals with breezy effortlessness. Lieven elucidates further in Fact Magazine "the Azores [islands], a remarkably beautiful volcanic archipelago that lacks very little by way of inspiration. Once an island gets born, it's a continuous struggle, a continuous dialogue, a learning, a BATTLE and cooperation of influences. The sea starts bashing on it's shores. Erosion starts the complete demolition of the island. But at the same time, sun and sea give birth and food… Archipelagos have a heavy rhythm." Check the samples and all will be clear. Recommended! " (Boomkat)

"Regardless of whether a Fourth World resurgence is coming or not, this is another strange and delightful emission from Dolphins into the Future, belonging practically to a genre of Lieven Martens’ own making and further clarifying his abilities to compose beautifully immersive soundscapes out of the starkest of materials." (Fact Magazine)


released March 1, 2012

Recorded in São João, Ilha Do Pico, Açores - november 2011. Instr. Midi keyboard, sampler, portable tape deck. Mastered by Graham Lambkin. Released on LP by Underwater Peoples (USA,, march 2012.



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Dolphins Into The Future Antwerp, Belgium

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