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.​.​. On Sea​-​Faring Isolation

by Dolphins Into The Future



This record was originally created as a tribute to the Seafaring Isolation writings by John Cunningham Lilly M.D., in which he describes the cases of lone ocean dwellers past - future - present.
When an isolated mind floats around the oceans by itself, only to be surrounded by a vast emptyness of natural elements. The mind will start to make up stories. It will create new myths coloured by human solitude and the nonhuman influences of the ocean, its fauna and flora. It hallucinates.
Around the same time, i recorded music for a Corona commercial. It was pulled off the air for having too many wave sounds (and for being too hungover).

"Timely digital reissue of Dolphins Into The Future's sublime 2009 NNF release. The man also known as Cetacean Nation Institute For Environmental Sounds, Wildlife Tapes Portal Jams, or Lieven Martens to his friends, pillow dives into a semi-conscious ocean of improvised New Age loops, field recordings and pitch-refracted, Riley-esque synthline wanderings, webbed-fingers navigating the way across the keys. Like a saltier Monopoly Star Child Searcher or JD Emmanuel shored on a pacific desert island 'On Sea-Faring Isolation' plays through nonstop with a delightful mystery and dawning narrative with a quiet, serene contentment and enough humour to keep it buoyant. Highly recommended." (Boomkat)

"Returning to the shore returns us to the sure, allowing us to fit this Dolphins Into The Future release into a sonic context that includes Oneohtrix Point Never, Emeralds (and in particular John Elliott’s Imaginary Softwoods project), Brian Eno (connections nautical and ambient), and the nature recordings of Chris Watson. Martens’ work exists in a world that has all these in it, but it sets itself apart with its insistence on the possibility of “cetacean trance” and its commitment to the life aquatic. Well worth a lengthy immersion." (Tiny Mix Tapes)

"I should also point out i saw this dude live not that long ago and he was great!" (Surreal Applications)


released May 1, 2009

My debut album. Released by Not Not Fun on LP in 2009 (reprint in 2011). And by Fonal Records on CD in 2012.

Recorded late 2008, by Lieven Martens Moana.
Except "Onset..." which is an outtake for a radio play, created for Tyfustijd on Radio Centraal, january 2008. And "Memory..." which was created for Bolderplaats, a theatre play written by Wietske Van Gils, august 2008.

Thanks Wietske, Sami, Britt, Amanda, Dennis, Jelle.



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Dolphins Into The Future Antwerp, Belgium

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